Honoring the Becker family’s legacy of pursuing excellence in agriculture – and respecting the land and resources that make it possible – we are committed to protecting as much of the natural footprint as possible. We are instituting significant safeguards to ensure that outcome.


Of the site’s combined 2,300 acres, just 420 will be used in developing Atlantic Fields’ 317 home sites. Nearly 800 acres will go into permanent agricultural preservation. Another 125 acres will serve as a pristine, wetland to improve the area’s hydrological function and drainage.


While the Discovery Land Company community at Atlantic Fields will remain private, we believe public access to the Atlantic Ridge State Park should be retained and enhanced. We will open a new connection to the Park, making way for nature lovers to enjoy additional access to this public treasure. Park visitors using this new access point also will be able to avail themselves of the nearby horse stable, kitchen, and lounge donated to the park.


With the Becker legacy commitment firmly in mind, we are dedicated to protecting the land primarily as it exists, with an abundance of safeguards assuring the conservation of more than 1,000 acres in open space and public benefits. Among the many unique value propositions of Discovery Land Company’s communities are the natural, wide-open lands surrounding its projects. Their commitment and partnership through the Discovery PUD are ideal for the region. In addition to the 5,800 acres of neighboring Atlantic Ridge State Park and Atlantic Ridge Ecosystem are the Kitching Creek Preserve, the St. Lucie and Loxahatchee Rivers’ headwaters. Additionally, the 10,500 acres of Jonathan Dickinson State Park are nearby.


After enduring three direct hurricane hits in 2004 and 2005, we were determined to improve our trees’ survivability and sustainability. Working with leading horticultural researchers, we refined growing procedures, and today, Becker Tree Farm remains as one of only three tree farms in Florida to employ techniques essential to producing a sustainable root system. We employ a production team with more than 200 years of experience in agriculture; the results are trees and shrubbery well-suited to thrive in an urban landscape. Continually striving to provide excellent customer service, Becker Tree Farm is recognized and respected industrywide for our adherence to best management practices and production of enduring, adaptable products.

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