How many homes will this community include?

The maximum number of homes at Atlantic Fields is 317.

How many acres is the entire site?

The overall site is approximately 1,525 acres; however, only 420 acres are dedicated to homesites at Atlantic Fields.

What will happen to the Becker Tree Farm?

The existing Becker Tree Farm is approximately 800 acres — all of which will be placed into a permanent agricultural easement, preventing future development on the site.

What is proposed for the non-residential areas?

The remaining lands at Atlantic Fields will be conserved as various forms of open space. For example, we will provide an access point to the Atlantic Ridge State Park, something that has never before existed to the southern portion of this stunning 5,800-acre nature preserve. In addition, we will donate our existing equine facility-complete with air-conditioned meeting rooms and kitchen-to the state park service to accommodate horseback riders, mountain bikers, hikers and anyone enjoying the park.


We’re also restoring 140 acres of an historic flowway adjacent to the park to add functioning wetlands and improve regional drainage.


Within the new community will be a new championship-caliber golf course created by revered local golf-course designer and philanthropist Tom Fazio. The golf course will feature an abundance of open space and native vegetation, giving it an authentic Old Florida aesthetic.


Additional open spaces will include the existing Polo Grounds, creating a 1,500-foot setback and preserving the look of the property from Bridge Road. We’ll also offer onsite an organic farm and gardens, a family-oriented outdoor recreation area, a sports recreation area, and other community-based amenities.


Will the new community be gated and private?

Yes, Atlantic Fields will be a private, gated community. However, access to the polo fields and other equestrian facilities will be open to the public during equestrian-related events throughout the year.

So, what are the direct benefits that the public will derive from all this?

There are several. They include:

  • 125 acres of restored natural area adjacent to Atlantic Ridge State Park, including the reconstruction of a historic slough that will enhance the overall drainage basin
  • A new public-access connection to Atlantic Ridge State Park, providing additional access to the 5,800-acre preserve
  • The Becker Family will donate an existing stable facility to the Atlantic Ridge State Park.  The facility includes stables, air-conditioned bathrooms, meeting, and kitchen facilities which will enhance the park’s ability to accommodate horseback riders as well as the general public
  • Lastly, we’re donating the historic Hobe Sound Train Station which will be relocated to the Hobe Sound Community Redevelopment Area for public enjoyment

How will the homes receive water?

We’re in constructive discussions with the leadership of South Martin Regional Utility (SMRU), to provide potable water services to the community. The service provider to this area, SMRU has facilities of capable size within a reasonable distance that can be extended to service the community needs. In addition, the property is part of the Hobe St. Lucie Conservancy District, which is currently permitted to withdraw more than enough water to service the site.

Will the community have septic tanks?

No. We are exploring several options to provide wastewater treatment through SMRU, none of which include the addition of new septic tanks.

If the community receives water and sewer services, what will prevent the addition of denser development?

The project supports a change in zoning which would limit development to 1 unit per 5 acres and cap the total density at 317 units.

With regards to this project, the Hurley Family has three key goals:

  1. Permanently preserve as much existing agricultural acreage as possible
  2. Provide meaningful and usable benefits to the public
  3. Minimize the development footprint to reflect the character of the region and the convictions of the community

Discovery Land Company is the perfect partner to achieve this outcome. Its buyers value low-density, family-oriented communities with emphasis on environmentally sustainable designs. As such, wide open spaces and preserved natural open spaces are key elements throughout its portfolio of properties. Further, Discovery Land Company partners with the public by helping to protect and preserve the surrounding natural areas, as well as by providing financial support to the important local charities and causes of its host communities through the Discovery Land Foundation.

Who is Discovery Land Company?

Discovery Land Company has been creating one-of-a-kind experiences and unforgettable memories for families throughout North America since 1994. Each of the 24 properties in its renowned portfolio are considered among the world’s finest communities. Its Member Families value authentic stewardship and truly sustainable practices in both the development and management of its properties. Likewise, they have a deep respect for the culture and heritage of the broader regions in which they exist and eagerly seek opportunities to build bonds and strengthen their ties to their neighbors. As such, Discovery Land Company is an ideal partner to develop Atlantic Fields, and it will help protect the rural character of Hobe Sound.  

At What Prices Will Homesites Start?

Starting prices for homesites at Atlantic Fields are estimated to be $3 million.

How will this project impact the Martin County budget?

Very favorably. The overwhelming majority of Atlantic Fields’ 317 homes will only be occupied seasonally. As such, the project will require little in terms of services from the local community, while generating an estimated $20 million per year to the county in annual tax revenue. This is a significant contribution from such a small community and will comprise a large part of the county’s ad valorem budget.

Does Discovery Land Company get involved in the communities in which it operates?

Yes. The company has a foundation with a long history of generously supporting local charities and nonprofits—particularly those dedicated to serving children and families in need.

How will the view when driving along Bridge Road change once this community is complete?

It won’t. The current view of the Hobe Sound Polo Club will remain as is. The Discovery Land community at Atlantic Fields will have a generous setback from the road with ample open space in between. There will be very little evidence of change – if any – to those driving past.